My Mourning Routine

  1. Wake up and cry a little because I miss my sleep.
  2. Plan out my day (clean my room, go to the bank, go to work, then off to dance class).
    1. I’ll have you know, what I plan out never gets done, because I get super lazy and scared to just even leave my room (hashtag truth).
    2. Sometimes I’ll make it into my car, drive to where I need to go, get scared and never leave my car, then drive back home until I have to leave for work.
  3. Put food in my stomach.
    1. What I drink/eat for bfast: water, frozen pizza or cheez-its (whatever is handy.  Sometimes I eat ice cream or last night’s dinner).
    2. Think about eating healthier, but will just end up starting “tomorrow.”
  4. Wash up!
  5. Change for work aka Appear decent, then complain to myself that I’m not fashionable and have really ugly to no clothes (no literally, the only clothes I have in my closet are t-shirts, sweats, and bball shorts I can wear to bed, to babysit, or to go to dance class and rehearsal in).
    1. I am a babysitter, so I can usually wear whatever I want.  I spend a good couple hours sitting on my bedroom floor, thinking about how to make myself look stylish.  Then I remember the kids I babysit usually get dirty real fast from literally playing in the dirt (or they sometimes bite me and try to eat my clothes), and I revert to raggy t-shirts and jeans (because sweats are so unprofeshhh)
    2. Put my hair in a ponytail (can’t have any distractions while I watch other peoples’ kids–yes, I take my job seriously.  But on the days I don’t, I force kids to watch tv.  Unfortunately, kids don’t like watching tv anymore, and so I actually have to play with them.  You may think I’m a horrible babysitter, but I’m actually pretty damn good).
  6. Leave for work aka Time to make that mula babyyyyy!