I’m So Happy

I’m officially a part of the club! ¬†Here is my first post ūüôā ¬†Ohhh, ending that previous statement with an emoji and NOT a period is a big deal¬†for me. ¬†I am always told that I text with no emotion, and it gets misinterpreted as me being mad, or something. ¬†But I can assure you, I am not. ¬†I just like to text, type, twitter, and¬†nooowww… *drum roll please* …blogggg, etc. in full sentences. ¬†With that, comes the usage of many many periods. ¬†I tried to think reeeeal hard as to why I like typing in full sentences, but couldn’t figure out a legit reason…or did I? ¬†Could it be that I know it annoys my friends? ¬†So the more I continued to annoy them with it, it just became a habit, and now I subconsciously end everything with a period, whether or not I am actually happy in the¬†message I am sending them?? ¬†Or could it be that when I do include an exclamation point, or an emoji, my friends will appreciate it even more, because they’ll know for sure that what I am feeling is real? ¬†Or could it¬†just be that I like the mystery? ¬†Because who…

What’s even better is when you don’t end with a punctuation mark at all. ¬†Now that’s something up for interpretation